Introducing TextChat, a revolutionary live chat tool for small businesses.

Say goodbye to complicated live chat apps and hello to live chat via text message.

Customer comes to your site and starts a live chat

Did you know that 79% of customers prefer live chat for an almost instant response time?

A text immediately arrives on your phone

You and your designated team members are now connected right to the conversation. Engage in less than 30 seconds - before the customer leaves your site.

Close the Sale

The first team member to click the text message link can chat with the customer right from their smartphone to close deals from anywhere.

"We had another live chat for two years and never answered a chat on time. We installed TextChat and we got our first sales chat within hours. I can think of a thousand businesses that need it."

Carson Cohen | Millenium Motor cars

"TextChat is incredibly easy to install, use, and manage. It has given a small, highly niche manufacturing business like Airsled a new and important channel to engage with our customers."

Stan Kanevsky | Airsled

"Their approach to live chat delivery with multiple recipients is smart. As soon as I saw TextChat’s delivery model, I knew right away, it was a winner.”

Scott Erlbaum |

"1 out of every 2 of our TextChat conversations results in a sale. The real-time nature of TextChat is what makes the difference for sales and customer service."

Adam Tessier | TAYLOR & TESSIER

"We launched TextChat in two minutes with no training and got our first substantial lead within a couple of days. Every business needs this tool."

Max Weiner |

"The best part is the obvious, immediate notifications. At Tink Digital we handle everything ourselves. It’s helpful for us to not have to focus on sales all the time"

Martin Horstman | Tink Digital Inc

"Within a few days of adding TextChat to our website, we had our first qualified lead through chat. I answered the chat and set up a discovery call in less than 10 minutes right from my phone."

Melissa Wallace | fivefoottwo marketing

Get Started on Shopify in Less Than 10 Minutes

TextChat helps you close more sales with simple admin, minimal training, and easy-to-use technology. With our intuitive tool, you can go live in less than 10 minutes and stop wasting your time or resources. Ditch the other guys and instead opt for sales superfuel that is agile and on-the-go, so you can close more deals. It’s really that simple: If you can text, you can TextChat.